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What are various Payment Options?
How long the order can be hold?
Can I cancel the order after the transaction is made but before the product is delivered? If so then how will be the refund process?
How can I contact Online?
Can I cancel and Return the product at the time of Delivery? If so then will there be any charge on me?
What if there is a change or Mistake in the product that is delivered?
Do I get Free Installation on all products?
What do you mean by DIY?
How I can choose my convenient day and time of the delivery?
Can the customer change the delivery address after he/she has purchased the product online?
Is there any limit on the weight of the product that I can purchase through online?
Can someone else receive the delivery on Customers behalf?
Can place my order and pick up from store immediately?
What if I change my mind and want to return the items after delivery?
Are your prices inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT)?
What are the charges if I want the delivery on priority?
Can I place an order online without a Credit or Debit Card?
Will I be charged for delivery?
Can I place an order without opening an online account?
Do you deliver to multiple addresses?
Do you deliver to countries outside the INDIA?
Does delivery take longer to some areas?
Can I place an order for a product that's out of stock?
Where are your stores located?
I’d like to share some feedback with Danube Home. How do I do that?
Is my account and payment information secure?
Do offers and promotions appear on your website?
Are the prices on your website different from the prices in-store?
How do I use a Credit note?
How long is my Credit Note valid?
What if I have to pick up order from warehouse?
How can I track my order?